Thirty-second Georgia Infantry

Drawing from the Olustee Post Card Set.
The Thirty-second Georgia was Colonel Harrison's most experienced infantry unit. Organized at Savannah by Harrison in May 1862, it contained men from Savannah and the counties of Washington, Burke, Effingham and Screven. The regiment was engaged heavily during the siege of Charleston in 1863, particularly in the defense of Battery Wagner. There the brigade was rushed to Morris Island and, at the end of the Union assault, surged over the southeast bastion killing or capturing any Yankees who still remained.

At Olustee, the Thirty-second was commanded by Major Washington T. Holland. The regiment flanked the Union right and Colonel Harrison credited two companies from the Thirty-Second with capturing three pieces of Union artillery. It suffered the highest loss of any Confederate unit, with an official casualty total of fifteen killed and 149 wounded.

After serving in Florida, the Thirty-second returned to the defenses around Charleston. The unit also participated in the Savannah Campaign, including Honey Hill, before surrendering in North Carolina in 1865.

Photographs and information of LtCol Edwin Bacon
Photograph of the Tillman brothers, Company K
Photograph and history of John Key, Company G
Photograph of Dennis Dixon, Company C
Letter from 2nd Lt Stinson Freeman, Company B
Letter from Daniel Stringer, Company C
Sgt. Thomas Nelson, Company I, and the manual that saved his life

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The following muster rolls list some companies of the 32th Georgia in the Army of Tennessee. This is incorrect. This unit served in the eastern theater of the war. However, the Army of Tennessee campaigned in the Carolinas very late in the war. When it surrendered to General Sherman's troops, many eastern Confederate Army units, attached or not, also surrendered.
Muster Roll for Company A
Muster Roll for Company B
Muster Roll for Company D
Muster Roll for Company E
Muster Roll for Company G
Muster Roll for Company H
Muster Roll for Company I

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