2nd Lieutenant Stinson Asbury Freeman
32nd Georgia Infantry

The following letter by Stinson Asbury Freeman is provided by Sally Freeman, his great-granddaughter. Ms. Freeman writes...

"Stinson Freeman, from Talbot County, GA, was a 2nd Lieutenant (at the time of the Olustee battle) in Company B, 32nd Regiment of the Georgia Infantry and was writing to Virginia Antoinette (Nettie) Grace in Talbot County, whom he met during leave between his move from the Georgia 6th Regiment to the Georgia 32nd Regiment in 1862. Their courtship through wartime correspondence was fruitful: they were married in October, 1865. As a side note: we now own part of the farm in Talbot County where they lived and raised their 9 children."

Camp Beauregard, Florida
21st Feb'ry, 1864

Dear Nettie,

Thinking perhaps you would not be displeased to hear from me again, will endeavor to write you a few lines. I wrote to you several days ago, and stated I thought we and the Yanks would meet before a great while, and such has been the fact. Yesterday, Saturday evening, we engage the enemy from about 2 o'clock P.M. until dark. I was in the whole, and am happy to say to you I am safe and sound, by a kind and merciful Providence I escape unhurt, it was a hard fought battle, the Yanks was stubborn to move, but when we did get them started, they left with a rapid speed. The 32d told that her troops were Georgians and bore her part, though suffered very much, some near two hundred killed and wounded. There was two killed from my company & 10 wounded. Wm. Butler was mortally wounded, though there is some hope.

I guess you will hear of the fight before this reaches you. Nettie if I could see you I would be the happiest being on earth but ah, that pleasure is denied. But I trust you will be of good cheer, some of these days I hope to wend my way to part to meet those who are dear to me. I do not feel but little fear but that I will esscape [sic] unhurt and will again meet you, and enjoy your dear society, which is sweet to me. Nettie, my good girl, be faithful. If you still feel that your affections are placed upon one, you can rely upon, I will not deviate from what you have already heard me express. But am willing to pardon you if you find that you cannot come up to what you have already express. I think I understand you and trust you are not ______ me, some of these days I hope our happiness will be complete for I am sure if we should ever marry, I have not the fear, but our lives will be agreeably spent. I want you to write to me at Lake City, Florida. I think I will get the letter and dwell mostly upon Friendship, as there may be some mislay in the letter. I wrote to Sib to night and it is now time for me to retire. As I will have to march to morrow. Good bye Nettie, I feel sad and gloomy to know that I am so situated, as to be deprived of pleasures I crave and are so far away to night. There is a brighter day ahead for us. And by a Divine Providence. I hope to see a life what I have in anticipation. Again, good night

I am Yours


I will send this letter in Sib's. I hope you will not care for her to know our correspondence. She will tease you to see my letters.

For further information contact Sally Freeman, 106 Wesley Oak Drive, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

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