Report of Col. George P. Harrison, Jr.,
Thirty-second Georgia Infantry,
commanding Second Brigade,
Recommendations for Gallantry

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Hd Qr Harrison's Brgade

Camp Milton
25th Mar. 1864

G P. Harrison

Reflects officers & men
of his Command who
distinguished them -
selves for gallantry
at the late Battle
near Ocean Pond, Fla.

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Hd Qtrs Harrison's Brig. A.E.F
Camp Milton ~ Mar 25th 1864


In compliance with your communication
of 23d inst. I have the honor to report the following named
Officers and men worthy of notice for distinguished gallantry
In the battle of 20th Feby near Ocean Pond who were under my
  Capt E. L. Guerard  Actg. Brig. QM
  Lieut R. F. Dancy   Ordnance Officer of Brigade
  Lt. G. M. Blount    H.A.A.G & 1st Lt. H. P. Clark A.NDC

  1st Geo Regulars
  Corp. Thomas Battel Co. "C" -- (Coler bearer)
    "   J. H. C. Dorough  "E"

  32d Geo. Vols.
  Capt. S. D. Mobley             Co. "H"
  1st Lieut Charles S. Findlay    Co."G"
  2d   "  M. Dawson               "  "G"
  W. B. Lane         Private      "  "A"   Actg Hospital Steward
  G.W. Weathersbee      "         "  "C"
  J. R. Jenkins         "         "  "F" X Act Color Sgt
  B. A. Jester          "         "  "F"    "    "   Corp
  T. J. Nelson     1st Sgt.       "  "I"
  J. A. Butts      2d Sgt         "  "I"
  C.W. Tyler       Private        "  "I"
  W.D. Walker         "           "  "I"
  B.A. Bobo           "           "  "K"
  Arthur Boytt        "           "  "K"

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  Bonaud's Battaltion  G.V.
  Capt. Jno D. Godwin Co. "G"
  1st Lieut J.A. McGregor "E"
  Jno. M. Philips   -   Sgt. Major
  A. J. Walker          Private  Co. "E"

The 64th Ga & 1st Fla Batt. prefer not men-
tioning any one.
I would state that I feel constrained to
mention the Whole of my staff from their
great gallantry in supplying the men with
ammunition by riding to the lines with
boxes on their horses & distributing the same
under the heaviest fire The two first men-
tioned distinguished themselves in other res-

Very Respectuflly
Your Obdt Servant
G. P. Harrison
Colonel Cmdg

If you think best to mention all of my
Staff in orders please state the facts, but
if you think otherwise, just mention the
first two & I will be perfectly satisfied.


The above letter is from the National Archives, Microfilm M-474
"Letters Received by Confederate Adjutant and Inspector General Office"

It was sent in by John Davis.

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