Report of Captain John M. Guerard,
commanding Guerard's Light Artillery,
on the engagement at Olustee, Florida

Camp in the Field, February 22, 1864.

COLONEL: I have the honor to report that this command carried into the engagement of 20th instant 67 rank and file and 2 commissioned [officers], and that it met with no casualties. The number present for duty is 87.

My battery went into the action by sections. The left section was first ordered forward and went under my own command. It was assigned a position by Brigadier-General Colquitt on the extreme right of the line, with orders not to fire unless the enemy advanced. It marched forward in the prolongation of the line as the latter was advanced, being constantly exposed to a severe fire, which it was not permitted to return. Lieutenant Lewis was with me in the section. The officers and men present with it behaved with commendable coolness under the trying circumstances mentioned.

The right section, under the command of Lieutenant Gignilliat, entered the field at a later period. It was posted in the center of the line and was fortunate enough to take position at the crisis of the engagement. The section of the Chatham Artillery which first took position had exhausted its ammunition and was enabled to maintain its fire only by a supply from the chests of my section. Lieutenant Gignilliat, though for the first time exposed to fire, managed his section with skill and coolness. He reports that the conduct of his non-commissioned officers and men was deserving of praise.

I am, colonel, with great respect,

Captain, Commanding


Chief of Artillery

Copied from The Official Records of the War of Rebellion.

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