Sixty-fourth Georgia Infantry Regiment

The Sixty-fourth Georgia was the other major infantry unit in Harrison's Brigade. Organized in 1863, the regiment had spent most of its enlistment prior to Olustee in Florida, primarily in camps in the vicinity of Quincy and Tallahassee. The 64th Georgia initially mustered with 800 men and was divided into ten companies. The unit consisted primarily of men who were too young to serve earlier, veteran soldiers from disbanded commands, and conscripts. It had seen little combat before Olustee, but was considered a well-trained and commanded unit.

Drawing from the Olustee Post Card Set.
During the Florida Campaign, Colonel John W. Evans commanded the Sixty-fourth, with young, Lieutenant Colonel James Barrow of Augusta as his second-in-command. Barrow had a special interest in defending Florida against a Federal invasion. He had recently become engaged to a wealthy young widow in Quincy, Florida, and was planning an early wedding.

Sent out from the Olustee defenses early in the afternoon to skirmish with the advancing Federals, the regiment played a prominent role throughout the battle. Under fire from the beginning of the battle, the Sixty-fourth lost 107 men at Olustee: 17 killed, 88 wounded, and two missing. Included among the casualties were Colonel Evans and Major Walter Weems who were wounded, and Lieutenant Colonel James Barrow who was killed. After the death or wounding of the unit's field officers, Captain Charles S. Jenkins "conducted the regiment through the most fearful periods ofthe fight."

After this battle, the 64th Georiga was transferred to the Army of Northern Virginia in early May 1864. The regiment was placed under the command of General Ambrose P. Hill and ordered to relieve Hill's Pickett stationed on Swift Creek. Eventually the unit was placed again under the command of General Beauregard and took a prominent part in the siege of Petersburg through the summer of 1864. By June, its strength was down to 400 from its original 800. A major engagement ensued on 21 June, when the Federal army assaulted Battery 16. Assisted by the 25th and 44th Tennessee, the 64th Georgia Regiment repulsed the attack and captured most of the Federal force. On 30 June 1864, the 64th Georgia also was involved in the famous Battle of the Crater, where Colonel Evans was killed. On 30 July, the now-recovered Major Weems took command as colonel.

The remnants of the 64th Georiga surrendered at Appomattox in April 1865.

Letters and Histories of Members of the 64th Georiga Infantry.

Pvt Zachry Lee, Company E
Pvt Edmond Jones, Company F
Sgt George Pace

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