Initial Report of Brig. General Joseph Finegan,
commanding Confederate Forces, Lake City, Florida

Forwarded to Confederate President Jefferson Davis
by Florida Governor John Milton

TALLAHASSEE, FLA., February 21, 1864.
(Received 22d.)


Have just received the following dispatch from General Finegan, dated yesterday:

"I met the enemy in full force to-day, under General Seymour, and defeated him with great loss. I captured 5 pieces of artillery; hold possession of the battlefield and the killed and wounded of the enemy. My cavalry are in pursuit. I don't know precisely the number of prisoners, as they are being brought in constantly. My whole loss will not, I think, exceed 250 killed and wounded. Among them I mourn the loss of many brave officers and men."

I understand General Finegan also captured many small-arms.


Copied from The Official Records of the War of Rebellion.

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