Private Samuel Darrow
Company F, 48th New York Infantry

Carte de Visite from the Richard Ferry Collection.
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Sanuel Darrow was born January 1838 in Brookhaven, New York, and was self-employed as a farmer before joining the army. His wife's name was Louisa and they lived in Coram with their son, Joseph, who was born in 1858. On 20 August 1862, at the time of his enlistment in the, Darrow was 25 years old, stood five feet seven inches tall, and had blue eyes and dark hair. He served until 8 June 1864, when he was released from service due to disability. At that time, the regiment was serving on the Petersburg front in Virginia.

On 1 October 1863, during a skirmish, Darrow was hit by a shell in his right shoulder and clavicle. He was in the camp hospital until 11 November, when he was transferred to the departmental hospital in Beaufort, South Carolina for two months. On 20 January 1864, he was transferred to a hospital in New York. He stayed here until his disability discharge on 15 June 1864. His discharge was for "a shell wound of right shoulder, producing much deformity and partial paralysis of his right side."

Darrow returned to his home at Yaphank, where he and his family they were listed in the 1870 census. Unable to do hard farming because of his wounds, he did market gardening. The local newspaper urged residents to purchase their market vegetables from Darrow.

He and his first wife had four children: Joseph, John, Minnie and Alida. Louisa died at the age of fifty-two on 18 June 1891. Darrow then married Milsetta Hawkins on 4 October 1892, in Yaphank. They had three children: Arthur, born in 1893; Charles, born in 1902; and Stanley, born in 1904.

Samuel Darrow died 1 February 1912, at the age of seventy-four. He is buried in Yaphank.

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