photograph by Victoria Dorsey - used with permission

Annual Reenactment of the
Battle of Olustee or Ocean Pond
Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park, Florida

February 16-18, 2018

    Admission Fees

    Sorry - ATM not available
    credit/debit cards not accepted for entrance fees
    most sutlers on site accept credit/debit cards for purchases

    Adults $10 --- School-age children $5 --- Pre-school-age children FREE
Questions, on matters not answered below, concerning the Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park
or the annual reenactment should be directed to: .

A pre-recorded message, listing park hours and events, is available at (386) 758-0400.

A toll-free number for information is also available at 1-877-635-3655.

  • Sponsoring Organizations:
  • Motels, Non-reenactor Camping and Restaurants: The Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park is located in Baker County, Florida, just east of the Columbia County line. Lake City, in Columbia County, is the closest city with significant tourist facilities. Rooms usually are booked early due to the Lake City Olustee Festival which, although it is a separate event, is held on the same weekend as the Battle of Olustee Reenactment.

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