Captain John Anderson Richardson

Captain John Anderson Richardson fought at the Battle of Olustee as a Lieutenant in Company C, 19th Georgia Infantry.

Captain Richardson's obituary is in the "Confederate Veteran" magazine, Volume 27, page 147.

Our thanks to Kenneth Mooney for arranging with the family to display Captain Richardson's information on this site. Mr. Mooney also discovered the following information about John Richardson.

John Anderson Richardson was one of six brothers who fought for the Confederacy. His older brother, also in Co. C, 19th Georgia, was killed at Fair Oakes, Virginia. Another older brother died in Atlanta early in the war. His younger brother was disabled and discharged in July,1861.

John Richardson was a 2nd Lieutenant until 20 February 1864, on which date he was elected 1st Lieutenant because of the death, at the Battle of Olustee, of the company's serving 1st Lieutenant (LT. Johnson). Richardson was elected Captain of the company on 21 September 1864.

John Richardson graduated from Emory College in Oxford, Georgia. Richardson continued his career in education and was an educator and founder of several schools, in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Florida. He was the principal of Richardson's School for Boys, a mathematics professor at Oglethorpe College, and a professor at Atlanta's Boy's High School. He also taught school in /Orange County, Florida from about 1880 to 1896.

In addition to his educational career, Richardson was a councilman for the 5th Ward. He ran for Mayor of Atlanta in 1878 but did not win.

His brother, Ira Johnson Richardson, also taught school, in Stockbridge, Ga., and was a doctor.

John Richardson's obituary - 21 March 1919

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