The Letters of James Flynn,
7th New Hampshire

Pvt. James Flynn
James Flynn

The following letters are from my great-grandfather James Flynn, to his wife Susannah and to his son John Flynn, my grandfather. James Flynn was a tailor in New York City. In 1861, Thomas Flynn, his oldest son ran away and joined the Union army. Thomas was 15 years of age. For some unknown reason James Flynn joined the army in order to better search for his son. James first went into the Lincoln Cavalry (later part of the 1st New York Cavalry), but was discharged in December, 1861. He then went into the medical corps of the Union army. Hence his letters from Camp Advance, in Virginia.

After that part of his life he went to Concord, New Hampshire and took the time of Arthur Baily (as a substitute) and went into the 7th New Hampshire Infantry, Company "D" under the name of John Hill (a brother-in-law living in Ireland). We do not know why he did this. From New Hampshire he eventually made his way to Olustee, Florida, and was presumed killed in action in the battle, after being reported missing in action, in the New York Times, March 8, 1864. However, his last letter was written from Tallahassee, Florida on March 30, 1864. He was there on his way to prison to be exchanged. He describes his treatment by "rebel soldiers" and the wound that just missed his spine. He also talks about Barber Plantation. However, after this letter, he was never heard from again.

I don't know if he was sent to a prison in Savannah, Georgia, or to Andersonville, Georiga. There is a record of a "James Flynn" escaping from Andersonville, but I do not know if it is "my" James Flynn. Family legend has it that he did escape, but no proof exists. In any case this was the last time his wife and child ever heard from him.

His son Thomas fought with Anderson's Zouaves, later to become part of the 62nd New York Infantry. We have two letter's from him. In one he talks to his wife, yet he was never married. In the other he tells his mother about the charge up Fisher's Hill, with General Phillip Sheridan.

One of the interesting items mentioned in these letter shows how customs have changed in America. James Flynn in one letter tells his son to buy a pint and have drink with his mother for him. Yet this son, my Grandfather, was only eight years old at the time.

James Flynn and his son Thomas both were born in Banagher, County Offaly, Ireland. Susannah Flynn was born in Cloghan, County Offaly, Ireland. (five miles from Bangher.) James was 44 years of age when he gave his life to his new country. Thomas died at the age of 28 in 1873 of tuberculosis and pneunomia. He left no survivors. John married and had 13 children.

I hope this in someway explains these letters from the past.

Gerry Flynn
1594 Ward Frontier Lane
Henderson, NV 89015

My DrWife & Children
Oct 17th 1861

I hope you will excuse me For not writng to you on last week as we were moving our Camp We crossed the Long Bridge into Virginia on last Thursday and it was raining so heavy the whole day that we were wet to the skin and to stop in our tents with an inch of water under us all night & the next night On Friday We were ordered for Active Service Our horses stayed Ready the whole night Bridled and Saddled It continued that way until Sunday morning and then we were called to be paid I got 18 Dollars and 60 6 pence We were paid only to the 31st of August So there will be 2 Months Pay due to us on the First of November I sent you 18 dollars by Adams Express from Alexandria on last Tuesday which I hope you have Rec'd I cannot make out where Tom is I must write to him I got one letter from him So you write to me and give all the particulars Give Jack a present from me and a kiss Only the few shillings I got (?) to Aaron I could not send you that much I pay 50 cents a month for washing and the Tobacco 6p a paper and Bad at that We get plenty of good food But it would try the strength of a Horse to sleep on the wet ground We cannot get a pass to go to Washington nor to Cross the Potomac River any place We are Between Balls Cross Roads and Baileys Cross Roads near Monson Hill Everything looks disturbed Houses torn down and Burned and nothing but Camps and Fortifications all round Give my best respects to all my neighbors Which may deserve it from you My officers are very indulgent to me Several of my Company has been Discharged Not being able to duty and was very short men 6 Weeks ago I am glad that you got the dress from the P. Office I'll say more in the next letter as I must be quick for the Post Now let the Children be Good and I hope to see Ye all again When I am paid in November you shall have every cent I get Give my love to William and Jane Craven and I hope he may get Work also to Martin and Mrs Keegan

May God Bless you all I remain
Your Affec't Husband
James Flynn

Direct your Letter to Camp Advance, Virginia, Co. "B" Lincoln Cavalry
Care of Capt Todd or Elsewhere
Let Johnny read this letter for you
Tell him to stay at School
I'll Send you my Likeness at the First opportunity

Here is a kiss for him

My Dr Sussanah
I am yours with Respect
James Flynn

Camp Advance , Virginia
Oct. 31st, 1861

My Dr Wife

I Rec'd your welcome letter tonight at 8 O'Clock It appears difficult for letters to come here as they are Generarlly 3 to 4 days coming I am happy that you and my poor little Sonny is well Or at least that You are recovering Do not Fret God is Good I will work on your proposal as it is your wish Few things have ever failed like that I was Bound to Execute You know The war is no Trouble to me I am here just for your sake and that of my Child No matter what the Danger might be God is Good I know you never fail in your prayers for me Keep the papers of My Enlistment Safe As it is Signed By the Colonel and is of Value We moved 3 times in 10 days from the last camp on the Top of a high Hill My Reg't is Divided into 2 Squadrons With 5000 Infantry attached to Each Our Party is on the Outpost Beyond Alexandria 4 Miles From the Sight of the Finest Virginia College You must go to a lawyer and make Your Affadavits That Tom enlisted without Your Liberty or Mine And also State His age And then Write to Simon Cameron The Secretary of War And You can Get His Discharge As Sergent O'Brien told me in Secret last night That if I interfered it would be all against Myself as the Articles Of War Does not allow Men to speak of Soldiers Discharges Although I wrote to him the same Evening I wrote to You and Rec'd no answer I Demanded his discharge and I suppose that is the Reason I'll write this day But say nothing I'll Leave that to You Go right to work now Brinkerhoff can do it and then when you receive an answer is time enough to send Him the Under Clothes Give my Respects to all my neighbors and a kiss for Jack and you accept the same with Gratitude and Respect I remain your

Aff't Husband
James Flynn

P.S. The next letter I hope that You will Have My Pay as the Rolls is made up Susan and Johnny I am yours Forever

Jas Flynn

Direct as Before

I just Rec'd a letter from Tom This was later for the Post today I Broke the Seal of Yours (envelope) and Toms' And I send You the Two Heads(?) You may get the Idea He did not show My letter to the Captain He says he will but not untill he gets paid on Tomorrow And I will send Him word But Not untill He's heard from You I'll tell him to Send you the Most He can Our General called our names this Evening Muster for Pay So look out for the Express early next week Probably mine about Thursday or Friday My hands is Cold I'll give you all particulars in the next letter as to how I am getting along Our Pickets is out every night A kiss for little Jack God willing I shall see You before long Susan Be of Good Cheer You have no reason to Fret Tom is but a moment away Jack get a pint of Beer and you and your Mother drink to my Health

Camp Kearney, Virginia

Saturday Night, Nov. 23rd

My Dr Wife & Children

On last Friday Week the 15th inst. I have enclosed for You by the sum of 30 Dollars in the Adams Express at Alexandria But I have Not sent a note to You untill last Monday Which I hope You have Rec'd as it annoys me fearing any Mistake I Hope I have done My duty so far I have not heard from Tom Since But I hope You have And I also Hope that You or the Children is not Sick or any Mischance to Happening As Everyone in The Company Has Rec'd an Answer But me I know You may have Some reason A few lines would do Not to keep Me in Suspense I am Thank God First Rate and I hope that You are all the Same I'll say no more untill I receive a Letter from You I'll Soon be Going Home Honorably God Willing Tell Jack to be Good and Soon Expect his father

I am My Dr Sussanah With love & Respect
Your Aff't Husband
James Flynn

Direct To Camp Kearney Or Elsewhere

We Have Got no Account of Our Capt. and Men Since If You Have Written That I may have A Letter Sunday or Monday You May wait untill I send You an Another Letter Be of Good Cheer Give My Memory to the Neighbor's I Wonder what made Poor White Enlist

James Flynn

This next letter is from Thomas Flynn.

Thomas Flynn
Thomas Flynn (62 on cap?)

Camp Tenley
Tenleytown, D.C.
Dec. 2nd 1861

My Dr. Wife & Children

I hope this will meet you in good health as I am at Present Thank God I hope that you will excuse me for not writing more Constant But believe me if you were to know the duties imposed on a Soldier in War times you would not have blamed me Let one know next letter how you and the children is getting along As it is impossible for me to get a Furlough during the forth coming Holidays Let me know the Coal, Wood, and Provsions in New York and also how the neighbors is getting along May God Bless you and my children Until I see you again no more as I am going on duty But write soon and give my love to the children and My Dr wife you accept the same and I remain with Gratitude and Respect your Aff't husband

Thomas Flynn

62nd Reg't Anderson's Zouaves N.Y.S.V.
Camp Tenley, Washington, D. C., or Elsewhere
Write often, as you know I cannot write when I please Direct to Camp Tenley, Tenleytown,
Washington, D. C. to the above address


(Strange letter as Thomas never married.)

Camp Kearney, Virginia
Dec.4th 1861
Wednesday Night 8 O'Clock

My Dr Wife and Child

I have rec'd from Tom one hour ago a Letter Which I will Transmit in Sullivans Boyon as it may Communicate more particulars than I really could do I have nothing of any Importance Since My last letter But on those Hills of the of the Sunny South it would at Present Freeze a Wolf and We without any Fire & Sometimes Candlelight My Discharge is gone to Washington on last Saturdays Post But I must wait for my turn There is so many Reg't Lists to be looked over You do not (?) you know me I am well thank God and I hope my Little Sonny is well Also yourself I cannot tell after next week what time I may be Home God send it Soon This place would kill both Man and Horse I gave to the Quartermaster by the Officers Orders My Sword,Pistol,Saddle and Bridle with all the accoutrements belonging to Myself and horse on Yesterday You keep your mind to Yourself I can have no money going home but what will be due to me they owed me one months wages on the First of December I will now Post this letter with two Gold Dollars Which I hope You will Receive Recollect not one Dollar Ever could remain in my pocket but would annoy me and to consider that you Might want it If you have anything to say to Tom do not say that you have heard anything from me But I know Men of Families in my own Company done No better, I Say it mainly Springs From Improper Cultivation or Ignorance My hearts Delight With Gods help I shall soon have the Pleasure of Seeing You and poor little Jack which would be the Delight of
Your Affect' Husband and Father
James Flynn

1st New York State Volunteer Cavalry
Direct as Before It comes right

Here is a kiss for you and Jack God Bless Ye'
James Flynn
If any soldier on Furlough on Discharge might call on you as in time I might have told them the Number Do not aknowledge them As persons has been Cheated Several times and Imposed on by such persons with Lies in their mouths

James Flynn

[Note: This letter isn't dated, but in it James Flynn states that he is awaiting his discharge, apparently from the 1st New York State Volunteer Cavalry. In the letter following this James Flynn describes himself as a Hospital Steward Nurse. So it follows that this letter was written sometime between the two letters of December 4, 1861 and September 21, 1862. Probably closer to the latter then the former.]

My Dr Sussanah

Just after I closed your letter A man of the 62nd Reg't. A man called William Carberry of Tom's Reg't and Co. Also stops in Tom's tent Came into our Camp I knew him the moment I seen him He has informed me that Tom And everyman in the Reg't has 13 Dollars this month He also told me What Tom told him that You had a Horney(?) Employed to get him out Also that when Tom was paid that he and 7 or 8 more of the chaps went to Washington on a Spree without a pass and that Tom Sent you 10 Dollars & lost 10 more To satisfy you Also that he thought to Desert But could not A Boy that will do such a thing and expect to go home appears to me -Curious But to You Do all in your Power to get him out before this Heavy Battle comes ahead As it must soon be That was 16 Dollars He laid out this last 2 months Do not let Him Know That I sent you an account of this The 63rd and the 69th is within 40 Perches (?) of us The 7th Reg't has Marched Round our Camp since Yesterday morning We are between Fort Ellsworth and Fort Morgan I hope to have more good news this next letter It is on my Knee I write this Sunday night at 8 O' Clock as it goes with the other in the morning But this is in Two halves and one part will answer for Tom's letter and in your next send me all Particulars Do not Fret God has Favored me so far Thank God Give Jack a kiss from his Father My Dr Sussanah you accept the same

From your Aff't Husband
James Flynn
Camp Kearney,

Tom is only 2 1/2 miles from Washington I am 12 miles Round the road But nearer across the River I will be home as soon as my Discharge comes From Washington It Must be Signed there We heard this evening that Captain Todd and all the Men was mising is at Richmond Prisoners I do Not know Can it be True?

Two O'Clock
Sunday Sept. 21st '62

My Dr Wife and Child

I have posted a letter yesterday Saturday for You But I rec'd this from Washington Just this Moment and here is my own note returned with the General's answer in Red ink He terms me Hospital Steward instead of Nurse I send you the envelope You may Show that to any person that Does not know the Situation as Nurse that I hold I hope that You and Jack is Well and if You feel very lonesome as your Rent will be due on the 25th If You wished I would Move 1/2 Dollar is not Much But the Trouble is too Much for you As soon as I get my 2 Months Pay if it lies in my power Which I hope it will You may expect me Home as even the Soldiers say that If they could Start up they would Sooner take the Field You did not say You had My Discharge Right and Safe or how Marg't Tracy Anne Mack and Dolan was and let me know if you are Getting the Relief Money from Tom and how Jane Craven & William and the Children is & What Reg't Michael Tracy is in Iwould not enlist for 1000 Dollars It is easy to Talk I hope God will send poor Tom Safe I see in the Paper today the 1st Cavalry New York Col. Reynolds and the 8th Pennsylvania is two of the Best Regt's in the United States there was Fights But I hope Tom was not There Cheer up and do not Fret and let Me know everything worth Knowing in your next letter You are lonesome But I am 15 Times moreso It takes 3Days for a letter to Come here So you may let me have one again Friday and if You do not receive this in time You need not answer it untill Next week a kiss for Jack & You accept the same
Your Affect' Husband
James Flynn

Hon. Sir

As necessity Compels me to call forth on your time and Attention I beg to be excused,. Whereas My wife has Rec'd a letter from my son Thomas Flynn of the 62nd Reg't New York St. Vol Andersons Zouaves Co."G." and has Forwarded From New York City Directions to Me as to where to Write He was there at Yorktown , Va., I have Sent him a letter and has rec'd no reply I would wish to Know His where abouts Living or Dead I hope Sir your Compliance would oblige your Ob'd Serv't

Sept.,15th /62
James Flynn Hospital Nurse
Newport News General Hospital
2nd Division, Virginia

( Answer) This man's name occurs on the Muster Rolls for June 30th, is Alive and Well. There is no Later Record on File in this Office

A.G. Office Sept.19th/62

Hampton Hospital
Near Fort Monroe
Nov. 12th 1862

My Dear Wife & Child,

I rec'd your Welcome letter at one O'clock day Wednesday & is Happy that you and Jack is in good health as I am at present Thank God Your letter was dated on the 7th. inst. therefore it is 5 days since you wrote it I am happy that you heard from Tom I am much gratified to think that He has not forgotten his duty I also am happy to hear that he was well and I hope that he may so continue for the remaining part of His time He has done very good Considering his age and to see how old men in this Hospital thats had families Can spend their money and it is very unnecessary except for Tobacco I am glad that Jack is Qualified to direct you how to make figures And also tell Him not to fear I shall not forget his books and other necessaries I am sorry to hear that things is rising so high in New York, But thank God there will be means to meet all needs 1 Barrell of Flour 1 Load of Wood 1/2 Tons of Coal Will put you over the Winter That would cost about 25 Dollars We signed the pay toll on Monday and Surgeon W. Clellan told us we won't be paid this well I suppose up to the First of the month You have made a mistake about the 2 1/2 Dollars a Month to be stopped from our wages We are to be paid 18.50 each month & that leaves only 2 Dollars a month stopped from us Now you say I seem Content I will be away 3 months on next Tuesday & I have seen plenty since to make me think enough But at the same time there is plenty that will fill the situation The Smell and Stopping up at night is the most Disagreeable and also keeping the pay to long I have never given you reason to believe I was Content But the way I go along is to make the best of it I am situated now not so bad I got shut of the hand (?) dirty work But if there be a Battle any place all the wounded & sick is bound crowd into Fort Monroe We will here 2 weeks on tomorrow & I have got no washing done nor do I think any of the Surgeons has got any We have no money to pay for them Oh I suppose the Negro women would wash them This is a nicer place than Newport News I know if I ask to go home they will not let me as several applications has been made by the Nurse and have been refused so I think the way I told you before is the Best way Do not fret for me God is good I have never put any things before me But God was good to me You did not say anything how trade was I hope I will be paid before Sunday Give my thanks and best to Anne Mack and Anne Dolan And Mich'l Tracy sends Ye all His respects He is First rate His Camp is within a half mile of us I seen him on Sunday Give my Respects to all friends and neighbors And I will not write to Tom for another week & then I will know more Write to me when you receive this Do not say anything Particular Fearing it might not come to hand God Bless you and Little Jack & Tom and Give my Little Fellow a Kiss From his Father & You will Accept the Same and I remain your
Husband & Father

James Flynn

Direct as before In care of Doctor Mc Clellan

You do not appear to Wish that I Would go Home

James Flynn

Sussanah Flynn
John Flynn
Thomas Flynn
The Snow here on Friday was Furious
Na Discies Land

( Translation From the Irish : A Barren Land )

Hampton General Hospital
Dec. 3rd, 1862

My Dr Wife and Child

I am happy to inform you that I Rec'd your welcome letter dated Dec.the 1st and is Delighted that you and Jack is Well as I am at Present thank God I also rec'd on the first that your letter Dated the 17th of Nov. Having that happened your Two letters Had a Stamp in Cash and an envelope My Dr Wife and Child I do not wonder at your being uneasy Besides the inconveinence of being without money for so long a time But be well aware it is a Certain Fact that What you told Jack is true It is not my Fault If I got My Pay Jack would have the boots and His Father to fit them on There is men here that if they had their Passage Money would leave all behind and go Home Our Pay Rolls are exact Month That is for 2 Months and 12 Days But we Cannot tell the moment We may get it and then the 1st of January there would be 2 more months Wages due to me I am supprised at Martin Keegan and Biddy not asking you to the Christening But what do you care about that or if you were asked it would be like the time Mrs White and us was invited We would get 1 pint of Beer for the whole Christening Although you are at Several Disadvantages Still I caution you not to Fret The money is Sure But if it had any Patience Wore out Thinking how you get along I hope you moving may be for the Better but I do not the like the top of a House It is more lonesome than the First Floor I cannot see how I would like to go up so High for the Same Rent and still be on the Back But still you may have ideas that I do not think of and I hope it may be all for the better I am also glad that you sent the Things to Tom and is also glad He is Better than be a poor Private and I hope that God will protect Him through all as He has done up to this time I have seen Michael Tracy on Sunday He is Well and sends his Respects You had a right to keepthe receipt for Tom's parcel untill you would see did they go Safe There is Men coming to this hospital everyday with various catching Diseases Such as intermitting Typhoid and Other Fevers and also Small Pox The Surgeon sent one case away From my Ward that come on Yesterday there is no wounded Men here at present but all is nearly well But the sick is filling up these Barracks very quick It must be a pretty Hard Spot for the heat of the weather Now god Bless Ye' Both and content yourselves and do not Fret and let Jack talk to you Pleasantly Me and Tom is only away for a short time God willing We can (aaron?) money enough to keep you from Begging Give My Respects to those that you think fit I had to borrow from a young man named Potter money to pay for my washing and buy Tobacco Both is Rare Commodities here I send Jack a Ten Cent Bit to buy a glass of beer for you and Himself My Letters would not be empty if I was Paid I also send Him 3 Cent Bits Your envelope on the last letter was nearly opened Look out for that I do be as uneasy to hear from you as Ye do from me

I am My Dr Wife and Child
You Affec't Father& Husband

James Flynn

Morris Island , South Carolina
Dec.12 1863

My Dr Wife & Son

I hope this will meet you in good Health as I am at present Thank God I am suprised at writing 4 letters to you & got no answer The last one was the 19th of Nov. from this Island & and I put 50 cents in it for you to drink my Health I hope I have done no injury to you that you make so little of me I am on tomorrow 2 months from home It is too Short a time to forget a person and I cannot tell Did my clothes go Home Everyman gets his letters But myself and the men laugh at me I wrote Tom this morning If you do not write to me soon I'll write to 10th Street and see how things goes on I cannot understand How it may be If you be there give my Respects to JohnAnnie, and Lilly Butler & Poor Jack Thank God his Father still lives Yet I'll say no more as I cannot tell how my letters is not answere

Direct to John Hill 7th New Hampshire Volunteers, Co. D Morris Island, South Carolina or Elsewhere Co. D

I told you in my last to write as soon as possible as I had Something Particular to say But if I was a Renegade of the Most Abjured character you could not treat me with more cold Irony But you may be excusable as I cannot tell How things Is
Let me have a letter quick one way or the other
Co. "D" J.F.

St. Helena's Island
South Carolina
Jan. 20th, 1864
My Dr Wife and Child
I hope this will find You well & Jack in good Health as I am at present Thank God I am very sorry if I have troubled You much in sending you Two letters One Dated the 26th and the other one the 27th of Dec.1863 But I hope to be Excused as my letters of the 26th Contained 100 Dollars and the one on the 27th Contained 1 Five Dollar Greenback And I have Your Direction How to manage them Now I wonder if You Rec'd them or any of them That you have not sent an Immediate answer as so Much money Should Be Looked After The First Bill was on the State of Vermont(?) with Two Large Letter "C" Stamps with Red Ink If they havenot come to Hand yet You see if the name be Advertised(?) Or go to the Post Office and Inquire As the Man in the tent with me Wrote the Same Day and Rec'd an answer from New York joining the Canada Line one week past I remained Patiently untill I got Wore out Now nearly a month And the newspapers comes here in 5 Days Also a letter would come in the Same time However If you wrote meand Rec'd the letters and the Money before Youreceive this You need not write untill I send you back an answer Everyman gets letters here in two weeks I am now going on 4 months from home and got no letters But Two The one You Sent to Concord (N.H.) come to me on the 29th of Dec. It was Dated the 4th of Nov.1863 and Post Marked on the30th of Nov And went Round the World from Spain(?) I Rec'd a Letter from Tom on last Week It was wrote on Christmas Day and He put No Stamp on it And it was delayed at Hilton Head (S.C.) for 3 cents postage It was last week I got it I gave him no Intelligence about being here But I told him I was going to Cincinnati from the Draft (?) and I seen the Bounty Officer and thought I'd make the best of it As he said I had a right to know enough He said they were wanting to Reenlist and I strictly told Him not I'll send you in my Next letter Toms letter and the Envelope of the 4th of Nov. to let you See I tell no lies Give my love to Jack and tell him from me to be a Good Boy untill I see Him And I hope that neither You nor Him is Sick God Bless you both Excuse me if I'm hasty As it is no wonder I told you to Change The Bill at an Express office oor if you did not change one you could in another oneas they might charge You a little Discount Give Jack a kiss from me & and youreceive the Same yourself Iam with Gratitud
Your Aff't husband
Direct to:
John Hill , CO. "D"
7th New Hampshire Vol.
St. Helena's Island, South Carolina

35 Cents to you Jack for Something I'll send you the Particulars in the next

Wednesday the 20th 4 O'Clock P.M.

Another letter from Thomas Flynn to his mother.

Thomas Flynn
Thomas Flynn in his Zouave uniform

Army of West Virginia
Harkissonburg, Va.
Sept. 23rd,1864
Dear Mother,
I write these few lines hoping to find you and Jack healthy as your Son is at present. I would like to know why you do not write to me I have not Received a letter from you in 3 weeks . We are a grate way from all Communication with the North But the mail comes up every week We have garnered 2 of the greatest Battles of the war on the 19th and 22nd of this month Sheridan is a grate man. He has done more than any Commander that ever I was under. At the Battle of Winchester on the 19th He led this Corps to the charge with Sword in hand and could be seen in the front Rank throughout the day and when he got the enemy started he kept them agoing and only that night came on so soon , Early with his force would be killed or Captured On the 22nd Sheridan agane led his Charge to Fischer's Hill Which we carried at the point of Bayonet The Rebel Army would not fight if they would show only Resistance We could not carry the Hill They could kill us by Boaling stones on us from the top of it But anuf of this I suppose that you have heard all about it by this time The Corps never done Better Alan was slightly wounded on the 23rd But is doing Duty now The piece of Shell that struck him left a slight mark on his arm and lamed it for a few hours But he now is all Right We expect to go on a Raid as far as Lynchburg We cannot get Supplies and will have to Come Back agane like Thunder My respects to Miss Allen Jack and all inquiring friends
I Remain your Affect'd Son
Thomas G Flynn
I wrote a Letter to Miss Allen yesterday I did not have time to Form the letters hardly when the Mail went I am writing this at Risk of being Captured Before it gets to Harpers Ferry
Thos G. Flynn
Sergt. Co. G 62nd N.Y. Vol A.
Preserve these Card De Vais
Sent to :
Susan Flynn
317 East 9th Street
New York City

Tallahasse, Florida
March 30, 1864

My Dr Wife & Child

As it was pleasing to God to permit Me once more to address you I hereby inform you that on the 5th of Feb'ry I sent you 2 hasty letters from St. Helena one Contains a 20 dollar Bill And the other a 5 dollar Bill I also sent you another few lines from Barbers Plantation Florida with a 5 dollar bill Which I gave to the Chaplain to post for me that was on the 18th Febry 2 days before the Battle near Lake City I was wounded just on the lower Ribs and the ball passed out Within 2 inches of my back bone near my two shoulder blades I am getting on first rate Rate do not fret. Keep good courage If you were to see the wounded men you would pity them We are treated very kindly by the enemy as much so as the Circumstances care to admit I hope soon to be moved I suppose to Georgia to be paroled or exchanged God willing I will soon see Ye I now hope that your health is good and Jacks' Tell him from me to be a good boy And to keep to school And please God I will soon see him and send him a present When ever you go out bring Him also I do Not like 9th Street Do not allow Him to wander on the Streets I suppose Tom was home Since I heard from you last Give my respect to Mr gifford This letter goes by Flag of truce You need not write as it would'nt likely come Keep up you Courage Thank God I am myself again And do not neglect yourself or Jack I am a Prisoner of War I hope Soon to be Paroled or Exchanged
From your Affect'd husband
Tallahasse, Florida, Wednesday, March 30th, 1864

The above letters were originally transcribed by Gerry Flynn, great-grandson of James and grandson of John. Mr. Flynn has given his premission to reproduce the photo and letters on the Battle of Olustee WWW site. - Thomas R. Fasulo, Webmaster

The photograph and letters contained on this page are copyrighted by Gerard Flynn and his family. As such, they may not be used for any purpose without the express permission of Mr. Gerard Flynn, 1594 Ward Frontier Lane, Henderson, Nevada 89015, or

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