Twenty-eighth Georgia Infantry

Originally known as the Twentieth Regiment, what became the Twenty-eighth Georgia Infantry was mustered into service at Camp Stephens, near Griffin in September 1861. Colonel T.J. Worthen originally commanded the regiment, which contained men from Cherokee, Emanuel, Jefferson, Merriwether, Richmond and Washington counties. By November the regiment had reached Richmond, Virginia, and was subsequently ordered to Manassas Junction. There many men were lost due to disease in the winter of 1861-1862.

The regiment defended Yorktown, and was present at Williamsburg, but its first major battle was at Seven Pines, where it lost nearly 150 men. It then took part in the Seven Days Battles, losing its colonel at Malvern Hill. Missing the battle of Second Manassas, the Twenty-eighth fought at South Mountain and Antietam, held a supporting position at Fredericksburg, and was engaged at Chancellorsville.

By August 1863, the Twenty-eighth was in Charleston, and helped garrison Forts Wagner and Gregg on Morris Island, and later Fort Johnson and Fort Sumter. In February 1864, the Twenty-eighth fought at Olustee under the command of Captains William P. Crawford, until he was severely wounded in the leg and replaced by Captain James W. Banning. During the battle, Captain James Rowe of Company E "plant[ed] the colors of the regiment over two Napoleon guns captured from the enemy." The Twenty-eighth lost ninety-five (ten killed and eighty-five wounded) men in the battle.

In the spring of 1864 the regiment returned to the Charleston defenses with the rest of Colquitt's Brigade. When the brigade was ordered to Virginia the Twenty-eighth remained in Charleston on provost duty for several days. When it reached Virginia it was temporarily assigned to Martins's Brigade, although it shortly thereafter rejoined Colquitt's command. The regiment then fought at Cold Harbor and Petersburg before being assigned to North Carolina, where it surrendered in 1865.

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The following muster rolls list some companies of the 28th Georgia in the Army of Tennessee. This is incorrect. This unit served in the eastern theater of the war. However, the Army of Tennessee campaigned in the Carolinas very late in the war. When it surrendered to General Sherman's troops, many eastern Confederate Army units, attached or not, also surrendered.
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Company G - Resaca, GA
Company K - Morganton, GA

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